ATL is a department of the multiservice provider,
the Recruit group, who pioneers new technologies
and finds the next trends faster than anyone else
to create solutions which can be utilized in future services.

“Advanced Technology Lab” is a place which transforms ideas and dreams into reality. At ATL, engineers can shine, free to unleash their creativity. The main areas of creativity in the lab cover a diversity of domains including application development methods and development platform, and even extends to networks and infrastructure.

Are the services introduced by ATL permanent?

If necessary, ATL may release services on the net and perform validation from the perspective of user merit, usability, scalability and performance. However, many of these services are upgrades of features already available on the many Recruit group websites and we often meet with our customers.


Why does ATL engage in projects?

While it is essential to use existing technology to develop and run systems in a stable manner, it is a reality that organizations that merely do this and nothing else have limitations. The Recruit group has a culture of “creating our own opportunities and changing based on them”. Based on this culture, providing an environment in which talented engineers are at liberty to delve into new technologies which they otherwise couldn’t in their everyday tasks, polish those technologies and use them as the strengths of the business, is very meaningful.