Introducing our Lab Director

Osamu Yonetani, Recruit Technologies CTO


ATL is the abbreviation of “Advanced Technology Lab” and we are true to our name. We are a research laboratory but we do more than just shake our flasks around. Our R&D achievements are measured by “How far can we advance Recruit?” and “How exciting can we can make the world?”. ATL is a little (a lot?) geeky. We are always looking for fellow self-confessed geeks to dream big with.

Osamu Yonetani,

Recruit Technologies CTO

The acquisition of advanced technology creates a competitive edge.
Our unshakeable belief is “Technology First”

40s – Leading a company with his “Technology First” technological strength!


Established Advanced Technology Lab. Became the embodiment of “Creating new solutions from the advanced technologies in the world”.


Established the Project Promotion Department. By cultivating people and advancing the organization through projects, his ability to realize developments created a competitive edge and further strengthened “Technology First”. Through “Solution Mix & Adjustment” increased project success rate.

30s– Making things tangible. Established a “thorough pre-validation” style.


Completed Agile Development Scheme “SWAT”.


Established the System Platform Promotion Office (present day IT Solution Department). “Polishing services themselves” -> “Using platforms as strengths!”


Became development leader of Riku Nabi. Fought a tough battle and brought about structural reform. His days entailed large-scale system development and structural reform.
Significant cost reductions in HR net-related services.

20s – Taking the “hands-on” concept to heart, developed systems single-handedly while learning the ropes.


Spent his days reconstructing main systems on his PC while being eyed warily as a potentially dangerous individual. Developed a management accounting system, etc. It was here that he realized the importance of high-load validation.


Made an accounting system for a group company all by himself.
Also developed a package system that could be used by all group companies. Suddenly opened his eyes to system development.


Jointed Recruit and was assigned to [Osaka Accounting] for new graduates. Was assigned here without a say due to having majored in a science stream therefore it was assumed “he should be good with numbers”. Made full use of general-purpose machines -> PCs to prepare financial statements. Really enjoyed automating manual labor. -> Started to become vaguely conscious about the potential of systems.