Introducing ATL members

  • Photo:Motoya Izuhara

    Motoya Izuhara

    As team manager, my primary role is to provide comprehensive direction to facilitate our team’s innovative product development. In that capacity, I feel it’s vital to cultivate an enjoyable work environment conducive to providing an engaging creative palette for our projects.

    Together, let’s change the world.

  • Photo:Shinya Murai

    Shinya Murai

    I am experienced in all aspects of IOT technology and applications. Previously I was responsible for developing IT systems and electrical equipment related to sensors and communications at a medical and nursing equipment company.
    In 2017 I moved to ATL, looking to leverage my experience and to take up a major challenge at the cutting edge of the healthcare sector.
    I am from Hokkaido. I seek out new challenges and opportunities with a pioneering spirit and outlook in everything I do.
    (I am always open to guidance and advice to help me identify new opportunities!)

  • Photo:Kohei Ozaki

    Kohei Ozaki

    Kohei Ozaki is an expert on algorithm and machine learning. Previously, he has worked for several tech companies and insurance company before he joined ATL, for example, on recommendation, computational advertising, RTB optimization, and automated fraud detection in the insurance industry. He loves computer science as a hobby. He won the 1st prize on KDD Cup 2015, which is most prestigious data mining competition . Twitter Id: @smly.

  • Photo:Akira Saigo

    Akira Saigo

    Joined Recruit in 2009. As a data scientist, oversaw the CRM/demand forecasting for key services such as Jalan, Hot Pepper, and more.

    In 2012, launched a dedicated unit (currently our Big Data Division) which specializes in solving digital marketing issues via statistical analysis, machine learning, and information recommendation methodologies. As such, his primary focus was the development of recommendation systems.

    In 2014, fostered the development of a data analysis project (pertaining to ID points) across Recruit platforms company-wide, while also performing in a large-scale organizational management role.

    At present, Saigo is engaged at the forefront of Advanced Technology Lab’s cutting-edge R&D, with a pioneering eye for spearheading the next great social phenomenon five years down the road.

  • Photo:Shigeru Shiozawa

    Shigeru Shiozawa

    Joined Recruit in 2008 following a career in international/domestic finance. In the intervening years, he has donned many caps, overseeing a diverse range of projects running the gamut from robotics to natural language processing, A.I., the development of IoT devices geared toward a female demographic, video algorithms, and overseas expansion support.

    When Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria visited Japan, she enjoyed a conversation with a robot brought to fruition in partnership with his team’s TAISHI chatbot engine. The encounter received extensive coverage in the Swedish media.

    Shiozawa has a keen interest in new robotics and devices.

  • Photo:Keno Sugawara

    Keno Sugawara

    Decades ago, Keno Sugawara was influenced by Super Titan (by Tatsuo Morimura) at a young age. Then, he followed the latest trends to work on software and hardware modification using various computers. Recently, Keno has been fascinated by the inconvenience of performance limitations, and devoted to developing 8bit and16bit microcomputers.

  • Photo:Yuki Tanaka

    Yuki Tanaka

    Formerly engaged in system sales and blockchain R&D.
    Joined ATL to leverage this experience and focus exclusively on blockchain R&D.
    Tanaka lives and breathes ecosystem development, captivated by both the vast potential as well as steep hurdles inherent to commercialization,
    With an inquisitive bent, Tanaka dabbles in a wide range of hobbies, but currently enjoys the demanding physical thrill of sport climbing.

  • Photo:Takeshi Nakano

    Takeshi Nakano

    Takeshi was the quickest off the mark to introduce Solr, an open-source search engine, to Recruit. As well as being easy to improve web service search performance, Solr contributed to significant cost reductions through switching from commercial middleware onwards. Takeshi was also one of the first in Japan to begin a technical validation of Hadoop, the big data analyzing infrastructure, and rolled this out across Recruit, making it enable to perform the big data analysis which wasn’t even possible until then.

    Currently, Takeshi now resides in Berlin, Gernay to manage the foster international intrapreneurship program and is focusing on R&D about edged technologies with startups.

    Lead-author of Hadoop Hacks from o’reilly japan, Co-author of An Introduction to Apache Solr and Editor of An Introduction to Apache Kafka

  • Photo:Kazutaka Sakurai

    Kazutaka Sakurai

    Primarily responsible for PR/communication policy in the corporate planning division, Sakurai is committed to his avowed mission of “creating even more RTC fans.” At ATL, he oversees the cultivation of industry-academia partnerships. Member of the Information Processing Society of Japan Database System Study Group (IPSJ SIG-DBS) Steering Committee. Highly active in the community at large, Sakurai is a regular presence at a myriad of academic conferences and study groups nationwide. A self-styled “PowerPoint Artisan,” he also single-handedly crafts lecture materials for a certain lab manager with gusto. Still, he confesses a secret desire to escape the clutches of Winxxxs and subsist on a single Mac alone. (That said, his affinity for Ingress runs deep, and it doesn’t seem he’ll be giving the game up any time soon.)