Introducing ATL members

  • Photo:Kazutaka Sakurai

    Kazutaka Sakurai

    The person in charge of active corporate communication in the corporate planning office at ATL, Kazutaka Sakurai supervises company PR presentations, and various matters related to industrial-academic collaboration policy measures. Kazutaka also single-handedly creates lecture materials for a certain lab manager. A self-styled “Senior PowerPointer” but is actually a 40-ish dad who dreams of using Keynote, Prezi with style. In private, he is an ever-doting 40-something father of a middle school age daughter and two-year-old son.

  • Photo:Keisuke Kawamura

    Keisuke Kawamura

    After developing and running the country’s largest EC site and mobile game platform, Keisuke Kawamura joined Advanced Technology Lab in 2014. He has a wide range of development experience, from Applications to infrastructure. Twitter id: @kkawamura

  • Photo:Keno Sugawara

    Keno Sugawara

    Decades ago, Keno Sugawara was influenced by Super Titan (by Tatsuo Morimura) at a young age. Then, he followed the latest trends to work on software and hardware modification using various computers. Recently, Keno has been fascinated by the inconvenience of performance limitations, and devoted to developing 8bit and16bit microcomputers.

  • Photo:Kohei Ozaki

    Kohei Ozaki

    Kohei Ozaki is an expert on algorithm and machine learning. Previously, he has worked for several tech companies and insurance company before he joined ATL, for example, on recommendation, computational advertising, RTB optimization, and automated fraud detection in the insurance industry. He loves computer science as a hobby. He won the 1st prize on KDD Cup 2015, which is most prestigious data mining competition . Twitter Id: @smly.

  • Photo:Lyo Kato

    Lyo Kato

    Lyo Kato has been involved in protocol related work—such as Atompub, OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial, and XMPP—and has developed libraries and frameworks related to it.

    Perl – OAuth::Lite, OAuth::LIte2, Perl Ocean Ruby – atomutil

    Also, Lyo is more or less fond of Front End, Objective-C – FBDigitalFont, FBGlowLabel, objc-geohash, etc., and developing their associated libraries.

    Lyo is presently working using IoT.

  • Photo:Motoya Izuhara

    Motoya Izuhara

    A laboratory manager, who is not purely an engineer; Motoya Izuhara’s main duties cover a wide range, such as: lab management; support duties and press releases, as needed; and event planning. Motoya’s work also involves overseas support for Berlin. In private, he is a father who tells his sons stories about the good old days of kendo.

  • Photo:Shigeru Shiozawa

    Shigeru Shiozawa

    Shigeru Shiozawa’s supervisory duties cover a wide range and include: robotics (such as Pepper); natural language processing (such as Panda Ichiro); developing IoT devices for women; and overseas promotion support. Most likely, from now on, these duties will only continue to increase, but he plans to handle them at his own pace. However, his true strength is… finance.

  • Photo:Takahiko Ito

    Takahiko Ito

    A software engineer in his mid-thirties, Takahiko Ito has experience working on natural language processing, graph analysis, mining, Hadoop, and search engines. Takahiko is truly happy when he is using software—especially when programming tests. Twitter id:@takahi_

  • Photo:Takeshi Nakano

    Takeshi Nakano

    Takeshi was the quickest off the mark to introduce Solr, an open-source search engine, to Recruit. As well as being easy to improve web service search performance, Solr contributed to significant cost reductions through switching from commercial middleware onwards. Takeshi was also one of the first in Japan to begin a technical validation of Hadoop, the big data analyzing infrastructure, and rolled this out across Recruit, making it enable to perform the big data analysis which wasn’t even possible until then.

    Currently, Takeshi now resides in Berlin, Gernay to manage the foster international intrapreneurship program and is focusing on R&D about edged technologies with startups.

    Lead-author of Hadoop Hacks from o’reilly japan, Co-author of An Introduction to Apache Solr and Editor of An Introduction to Apache Kafka

  • Photo:Takuya Beppu

    Takuya Beppu

    Front-End Engineer: After joining Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. upon graduating college, Takuya directed off-shore development in Vietnam, and later joined ATL.Currently, Takuya joins a startup in Berlin while performing OSS activities such as developing a library using WebBluetoothAPI and translating W3C official documents.

  • Photo:Yu Ishikawa

    Yu Ishikawa

    Yu Ishikawa is working as a machine learning engineer at ATL. His main interests centers around data science, machine learning and software development for business application. He has been involved in contributing to the machine learning library of Apache Spark since 2014. He worked as a data engineer and a data scientist at the previous company. His master’s work at The University of Tokyo is on a recommendation algorithm on a social bookmarking site.