May 17, 2016: Thoughts on Tokyo :: Berlin


The cities…

I think Tokyo is really evolved. Many, many people and companies are in Tokyo… It’s too cramped for comfort. In comparison, Berlin — which is typical of Germany — has not so much population compared to Tokyo. There is nature but also the transportation infrastructure to travel like in Tokyo.

The street life…

In Japan, there are so many convenience stores which are open 24 hours. This is really useful. But in Berlin — there is no such a store! Moreover, most supermarkets and restaurants close on Sunday! I was surprised to find that but I’m used to it now after a few weeks in Berlin. Another thing that is different between the two cities is that in Berlin many people smoke on the street and litter. It surprises me because that is not the way in Tokyo.

The work life…

To me, things about a Berlin startup and working at Recruit workday and workstyle are different. At a startup in Berlin, most people leave the office around 6 or 7pm. In Japan, work goes until late — 9 or 10 pm every day. Strictly speaking, the office environment is different as well because Recruit is located in a very huge building near Tokyo Station. In Berlin, companies like the startup I am working with use co-working offices like hub:raum.