“Advanced Technology Lab” is seeking curious engineers!

Recruit Technologies has the vision of being able to offer all its engineers an equal opportunity to work in the lab. However, currently the IT Solutions Division, one of the departments which manage systems of the entire Recruit group, is trialing the lab’s system.
We are seeking engineers who meet the below criteria and who would like to work with us.
– Have a technology and want to make something with it.
– Have an ambitious spirit and want to work in an environment with friendly competition.
If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to apply!

We are recruiting for Summer 2017. We are looking for someone that:

A warm welcome awaits people to whom either of the below applies.

  • Is an engineer knowledgeable of IoT devices in the health field or is knowledgeable of medical devices and is interested in developing new services.
  • Wants to achieve something new in the field of BMI and BCI.
  • Anyone who wants to use motion capture and bring your ideas to life.
  • Anyone who wants to challenge future-oriented technologies, services and gadgets that will be realized in the future and wants to introduce them to the world.