“Advanced Technology Lab” is seeking curious engineers!

Recruit Technologies has the vision of being able to offer all its engineers an equal opportunity to work in the lab. However, currently the IT Solutions Division, one of the departments which manage systems of the entire Recruit group, is trialing the lab’s system.
We are seeking engineers who meet the below criteria and who would like to work with us.
– Have a technology and want to make something with it.
– Have an ambitious spirit and want to work in an environment with friendly competition.
If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to apply!

We are recruiting on an ongoing basis for positions starting in early summer 2018.

We are looking for the following types of candidate:

  • Able to carry out audio analysis (you may have work experience in using digital stethoscopes to detect abnormalities)
  • Has skills in detecting illness where symptoms are not yet evident using health equipment, and wants to put this into practice (Experience with medical devices is not required)
  • Has experience with sensor equipment related to hardware design or evaluation (We have no preference for one or the other). Anyone with an interest in new challenges in this area.
  • Has an interest in starting an engineering career in innovative, next generation technology, gadgets and services.

Anyone else who thinks they have got what it takes to do this job is more than welcome to apply.