Berlin and Tokyo. This is a project designed for companies in both cities with the aim of mutual vitalization through both parties effectively utilizing personnel and making the best of their respective geographies to start up online businesses.
We offer you our value for free. As a mutual exchange, we would like you to consider offering us an opportunity to participate in the initial commercialization phase.


Collaboration Projects

In order to turn ideas into concrete businesses, we offer consulting focusing on systems with care to even the finest details such as movements of personnel, etc.

Project Types

To date, we have run collaboration projects with businesses in the launch period to prepare for pitching and development projects for collaboration with growing start-ups.



Collaborations aimed at launching
and refining business



Collaborations aimed
at accelerating business

SPIN-type projects mainly focus on substantiation of ideas, development of prototypes and so forth, in preparation for pitching and trial service launches, while JOIN-type projects mainly focus on support for business expansion into the Japanese market, branding and promotions, in addition to development and technical support.

Support and Resources


Receive Support from Various Avenues!

In addition to the direct support of engineers from “R-tech” for technical development,
support can also be provided by local partner companies and staff in Japan.

Receive Support from Various Avenues!


The resources to be provided to startups include co-working spaces, resources for developments and know-how accumulated through extensive real services.

We can do 5 things to assist you!

Provide desks free of charge

We will cover the expense of setting up a work space for collaboration.

Crystallize the business

Given our solid foundation of knowledge, experience and proven expertise, we can crystallize your business idea and create the systems necessary for implementation.

Drive PDCA

With a sophisticated customer analysis tool - We will leverage our extended website operation experience and real-time marketing tool to rapidly improve the quality of your service.

Data driven marketing

We will analyze each customer category and its market using our Hadoop-based, data driven system. At the same time, we will tackle system load issues associated with increased access.

Expansion to Japan

Using our expertise and networks, we provide support to acquire funds and customers in Japan.

Past Results


Conditions for application, participation and suspension

Application Requirements
The successful applicants must have an idea for B2C web services.
The successful applicants must be approved to participate from interviews with R-Tech.
Participation Requirements
The participant must accept involvement of R-Tech members as staff for his/her business systemization and system development.
The start-up must lead in building a relationship with the R-Tech members.
Conditions for Cancellation (Suspension)
The applicant is unable to collect funds until after 100 days has elapsed (the 100-day-rule).
When any change is made to the roles and positions of the R-Tech members.


What are your accomplishments so far?
Our vast and diverse development and operational accomplishments include supporting over 100 website related businesses in the area of development in which you are primarily interested.
What is your expectation?
We are looking for an opportunity to participate in the business crystallizing process in the early stages of a startup.
What are you trying to gain from that?
Through our participation in this project, we aim to enhance the development of engineers who can work effectively with international teams in global collaboration projects. To supplement their exemplary and extensive technical skills, our team members will improve their English language fluency through intensive interaction with the startup team.
Why did you choose Berlin?
It appeals to us for two reasons. Berlin is expected to become the next Silicon Valley. Innovative new technologies and services are being created here. We anticipate being a part of this development. We would thus like to establish our presence and build a network of contacts and connections ahead of time.
What suggestions do you have for reciprocal cooperation?
As the name “Berlin-Tokyo Project” suggests, we are considering offering reserve opportunities for talented engineers in Berlin to come to Tokyo in order to learn about the Tokyo market once this project is underway.


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