“MySpot” – A Coupon App for Retailers

App development using high-frequency communication technology


Takeshi Nakano

“MySpot” is a coupon app for retailers.
Stores constantly transmit a code number from their audio,
and when a customer with MySpot open enters the store,
MySpot receives this code and customers can acquire coupons from the web.
Moreover, those friends of the customers visiting the store who also have MySpot
will be notified in real-time that their friend is in the store,
leading to more potential customers for the retailer.

Figure: Outline

About the Technology Used

Check-in function
using audio

Figure: Check-in function using audio

Using a technology which converts digital data such as URLs and images to high-frequency undetectable by human ears and then communicating such digital data, a technology has been implemented on a used Android device whereby store-specific code numbers are converted to sound, output through a headphone jack, then played in-store on the speakers together with the background music.

Front end and back end integrated development

Figure: Front end and back end integrated development

GWT (Google Web Toolkit) utilizes Java to enable the easy optimization of Web applications. With this GWT as the foundation, and through the integrated development of the front and back end, the burden of learning cost and development man-hours was reduced. We have developed a function for the store people to register coupons and update menu information themselves.

Real-time message

Figure: Real-time message function

Once the server and client have connected, WebSocket allows communication without sending an enquiry to the server. However to develop a technology to maintain this connection by ourselves would have been too time-consuming. Therefore we used the service provided by a company called Pusher to develop and implement a function which notifies users’ friends that the user is visiting the store in real-time.

Moving Forward

Figure: Moving Forward

Currently pending.
Due to personal reasons of the CEO,
ran out of time just before attempting to do practical testing
at outdoor festivals, etc. (as 3 months had passed).
The app and reproduction device are almost complete
and the plan was to respond individually in preparation for testing.