January — March, 2016

A plethora of meetings with emerging companies across several industries led to Recruit and I selecting HIGH ∙ MOBILITY as the startup in Berlin to do an open source project with.

HIGH ∙ MOBILITY is a connectivity software company for the automotive industry. Winner in the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2015 as well as TOP10 Automotive Startups by LA Autoshow 2015 our mission is to accelerate the move towards vehicle as a digital mobility platform. The unique selling proposition of the software is our ability to support highly advanced experiences with a range of smart devices and cars taking safety, security and privacy into account. High Mobility has its headquarter in Berlin in Germany, and a second development center in Tallinn, Estonia. In March 2016, HIGH ∙ MOBILITY closed a 7-digit figure seed funding round with an angel consortium (headed by Fabian von Kuenheim) and Berlin-based venture capital firm IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

The HIGH ∙ MOBILITY team (about 10 people spread across Europe) has worked together in various automotive projects for the past 5 years. Meet the founders:


L: Risto Vahtra, CEO & Design / R: Kevin Valdek, CTO. Photos courtesy of HIGH ∙ MOBILITY.