April 27, 2016

Takuya Beppu (RT) in conversation with Leah Stuhltrager (THE WYE)


LS: What made you want to participate in Recruit Technologies’ Berlin — Tokyo project?

TB: There are two reasons.

The first is that I wanted to dramatic growth as an engineer. I previously had been responsible for the development direction at Recruit. I wanted more experience in implementation.

Secondly, I think the experience to work in English is really important for an engineer. Recently, the update of technology is so quick. The latest information is in English, not in Japanese. It becomes necessary to work — even in Japan — in English.

So I think the Berlin — Tokyo Project is great opportunity for me.


LS: What have you had to do thus far to prepare to work with the startup High Mobility in Berlin?

TB: I had to learn specialist technology.

HIGH ∙ MOBILITY wants to create open source using WebBluetooth API, but I was not familiar with this API.

So I read documents on this technology and made some sample applications in the two months before I came to Berlin.

In addition, I made a presentation about the sample applications and specifications of APIs I used to check whether I actually understood the technology I’d need for the HIGH ∙ MOBILITY project in Berlin.

Of course, I also had to study English! And I continue to study that even now.