May 3, 2016

Takuya Beppu (RT) in conversation with Leah Stuhltrager (THE WYE)

LS: What project are you working on with HIGH ∙ MOBILITY?

TB: We are creating the open source library with Web Bluetooth API.

Using this library, enables a server and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices to communicate with each other via a web browser.

We are working to build this open source library by June. The plan is for HIGH ∙ MOBILITY to demonstrate it at an upcoming trade show exhibition.

LS: What is your role in the project with HIGH ∙ MOBILITY? What is the work you are doing as part of the High Mobility team?

TB: My role is in front-end development: I write javascript code.

More important for my role than just writing a code though — is that I consider a overall design of library, and discuss the specification of interface with team members who develop the server side of the project.


TB: Last week, I went to a BBQ restaurant with team members.

It was a first night that everyone got together in Berlin because the board members were busy on a business trip until this point.

Foods were really yummy but I couldn’t eat it all. I brought leftovers to my home.

I had a great night with team members.