May 18, 2016: Me + HIGH ∙ MOBILITY Team

HIGH ∙ MOBILITY was part of hub:raum’s (Deutsche Telejom’s incubator) program. After completing the incubation cycle, the startup was offered office space to continue to work at / with hub:raum.


On the High Mobility project team, there are mainly five people, including me. Each member has a different technical background — such as someone with expertise in the Server-side, iOS, Hardware, and so on. Two of the team work not in Berlin but in Tallinn, Estonia.

As part of the team, I share the knowledge of WebBluetoothAPI and create a front-end developing environment.


As preparation — I spent much time before I came to Berlin in this type of work. I also read the official specification documents and created sample application using this API.


In Berlin at the High Mobility offices, most of the day I write a code to create an open source library. I have a regularly scheduled review time when the CTO checks my code, we discuss design, and feedback is given to me. Then I update my code and repeat this cycle.


The team of High Mobility is really small, less than 10 people. On the other hand, the project that I was involved in Japan was really big, it was involved more than 100 people. The structure of working with the team at High Mobility is totally different compared to Recruit work.


The way of proceeding in a project is also different at High Mobility than what I had at Recruit. Now in Berlin, I have only one regular meeting in week. Otherwise through the week, we are using a chat tool and skype whenever need arises. This is also influenced by working in different places such as Berlin and Tallin. In comparison — in Japan, all members work at the same office and had a meeting every day.